Plant Food

BIO 520™ has been developed by a team of scientists over a period of several years including extensive real-life cultivation and laboratory experimentation & validation.
BIO 520™ is 100% mineral content. No chemicals. Harmless to all life. Safe for human consumption. The SDS defines the product as “a compound of water-soluble mineralized powders”.
Easy application. Simply dilute into irrigation water at 1,000 to 1.
It has a 5 year shelf life
Zero toxicity uptake. Proven in numerous post-harvest Lab Tests to barrier against toxic chemicals to “below scientifically detectable levels” for a range of toxins currently being prohibited by new safety regulations governing the cannabis industry.
BIO 520™ is proven to enable crops to grow at temperatures 10 Celsius below their normal “clime”.
Entire growth cycle is significantly shortened
Overall water usage is reduced
Higher yields

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