BIO 520 – Liquid Mineral Nutrients

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BIO520 Liquid Mineral Nutrients – Boost Your Crop Yield with Our USA-made Liquid Mineral Nutrient Concentrate for Plant Growth and Soil Health Improvement in Agriculture – Made in the USA

Proprietary Mineral Formula designed to promote plant cultivation.


Proprietary Mineral Formula designed to promote plant cultivation. Bio 520 is a natural product that biologically enhances and supports agriculture to optimize all aspects of the growing cycle. Depleted soil, man-made chemicals, water scarcity and profit seeking have changed the way plants in today’s marketplace are commonly grown. Not unlike industrial livestock, plants are forced to grow and produce in unnatural conditions. BIO520 with no chemicals of any kind provides leverage against the expected and the unusual growing situations currently being used. Returning to nature BIO520 provides the trace elements that remind the plant of its true potential.

How to use

Simply add Bio 520™ at a dosage of 1:1,000 (one BIO520 to 1000 water) into irrigation water along with a normal regimen of nutrients. No other changes to the cultivation process are required. If you only have tap water, let it sit overnight to neutralize the chlorine.

Product Features

  • BIO 520™ has been developed by a team of scientists over a period of several years including extensive real-life cultivation and laboratory experimentation & validation.
  • BIO 520™ is 100% mineral content. No chemicals. Harmless to all life. Safe for human consumption. The SDS defines the product as “a compound of water-soluble mineralized powders”.
  • Easy application. Simply dilute into irrigation water at 1,000 to 1.
  • It has a 5 year shelf life
  • Zero toxicity uptake. Proven in numerous post-harvest Lab Tests to barrier against toxic chemicals to “below scientifically detectable levels” for a range of toxins currently being prohibited by new safety regulations governing the cannabis industry.
  • BIO 520™ is proven to enable crops to grow at temperatures 10 Celsius below their normal “clime”.
  • Entire growth cycle is significantly shortened
  • Overall water usage is reduced
  • Higher yields

Some Case Study Results: 

  1. Fruit and produce sizes (per unit) have substantially increased across a variety of plants;
  2. Increase in production measured by “fruit count” with cherry tomatoes, produced from identical-size plots, increased from 6,000 fruits to 26,000 fruits;
  3. Pumpkins are conventionally produced at a rate of 5 fruits per harvested growth area. With BIO 520™, the same growth area produced 40 fruits of conventional size;
  4. Carrots, grown for carrot juice, produced triple the amount of juice;
  5. Zehyantha flower petals grew to twice normal size and with more vivid color;
  6. Garlic: 6 pieces increased to 13 pieces, with garlic growth larger than normal;
  7. Mango trees produced their first crop in year 2 instead of year 3. Mold on leaves also disappeared shortly after surface spraying with BIO 520™;
  8. Spinach yield increased by 200%;

Additional information

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